Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
Absence of Recent History
NDNAEU 5 “Tribal Policies, Treaties and Sovereignty”
Compelling QuestionWhat is meant by the quote “history is written by the victors?” Research this quote and see what you find. 
Standards and PracticesUS.6_12.1 Analyze primary and secondary sources with attention to reliability, impact, and purpose.
US.6_12.2 Examine the impact of multiple perspectives on social, political, and cultural development.
US.6_12.6 Connect the past to the present using current events.
Staging the QuestionHave students brainstorm around the following prompt: Create a list of as many historical events involving Native American that you can. Once your list is complete, compare your list to a standard high school history book. Of the items on your list, how many could you find in a history book. Why do you think certain events were not included in the history book? 
Supporting Question 1 Supporting Question 2 Supporting Question 3 
Research the Dawes Act. What was the purpose of the Dawes Act in regard to Native Americans? Create a list of what you would consider the 10 most memorable events in your life. How have these events influenced your life? Why might people and nations choose to remember positive events over negative events? Consider the internment of various ethnic groups during WW II: How was this act shaped or influenced by the time period (WW II)?
Formative Performance TaskFormative Performance TaskFormative Performance Task
Watch the video below. How were boarding schools similar or related to the Dawes Act? Research the following:
* Fort Laramie Treaty / Dakota 38
* Boarding Schools
* Native American Seizure of Alcatraz * Indian Relocation Acts
* South Dakota Standoff
Develop a Venn diagram regarding the treatment of Japanese Americans, Italian American during WW II and Native Americans after the Civil War. 
Featured SourcesFeatured SourcesFeatured Sources
History Textbook
History Textbook
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Create an annotated and/or illustrated timeline to present the information contained in this lesson. 
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionDevelop a survey to be given to a high school history class based on this lesson.
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationPresent findings of the survey to the local school board, local education board, or local Native American Educational Advisory Board. 
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