"Learn About" Questions

1. What are the various creation or origin stories of the people of the Oceti Sakowin? How are they similar or different from other creation or origin stories?
2. What is “capitalism” and how might it cause misunderstandings of the idea of “wolakota” or peace?
3. Mr. Taken Alive said, “What we see, what we hear, what we feel…that’s what we become.” Why is watching and listening more important than talking? How does that promote “wolakota”?
4. Have “Pro Lakota” perspectives been interpreted as “Anti American” or “Anti White”? How do you communicate a positive perspective without it seeming negative toward other perspectives?
5. What’s a “demonstration project”? Are the Lakota people working on a different model for education to replace the American model in their schools? Who is doing this work and how is it going?
6. What is the translation of Mr. Taken Alive’s Lakota words and song?
7. What are the various meanings of the Lakota word, otehika?

"Learn From" Questions

1. What origin stories have you heard? What origin stories are significant to you? What does your most significant one(s) teach you about the relationship of people / animals / plants and other elements of the creation?
2. What are your ideas concerning the idea of “peace”? Where have you learned or developed those ideas?
3. Have you ever been in a situation in which you should have done more listening and watching, but instead you did a little more talking than you should have? What happened?
4. Do you have some things that you are “pro” about? Do you have some things that you are “anti” about? How do you balance these stances? When is it best to be “pro”? When might it be necessary to be “anti”?
5. What model of education or learning do you believe is best? What experiences have brought you to this decision?
6. In your experience, is “hard” sometimes linked with “precious”? Can you give an example?
7. How do you rely on your parents, grandparents or other relatives these days? What do you still need from family? What do you provide for those family members?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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