Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
NDNAEU 5 “Tribal Policies, Treaties and Sovereignty”
Compelling QuestionHow do treaties affect us today?
Standards and PracticesUnited States History: US.6_12.1  Analyze primary and secondary sources with attention to reliability, impact, and purpose
Civics and Government: C.6_12.2.4  Explain the relationship among federal, state, tribal, and local governmental powers.
North Dakota Studies: ND.6_12.4  Analyze the historical and current events and their impact on the development of North Dakota.
English Language Arts: W.7 Conduct short research projects to answer a question. a. Draw on several sources. b. Refocus the inquiry when appropriate.
Staging the QuestionWhat is the current state of treaties in Ft. Berthold?
Supporting Question 1 Supporting Question 2 Supporting Question 3 
What year and why was the Ft. Laramie Treaty signed?What was the Ft. Laramie Treaty about?How is the Ft. Laramie Treaty relevant today?
Formative Performance TaskFormative Performance TaskFormative Performance Task
Students will each have a copy of the Ft. Berthold Constitution Book. We will read the book together and then do a search for answers to the following questions:
1. Who from Ft. Berthold signed the Ft. Laramie Treaty?
2. What was the cause of the Ft. Laramie Treaty?
3. What is an example of something in the Ft. Laramie Treaty that has been broken?
This information will be put into their notes to create a final presentation.
Have students research the treaty using the web resource listed below, and ask an elder about it.

Use the following questions to help guide their research:
1. What is a treaty?
2. Why is a treaty important?
3. What has caused treaties to become broken?
4. What is the Department of Interior? What does it do?
5. Why is the Department of Interior also called the War Department?
6. What role did smoking the pipe play in the creation of treaties?
Students will research programs on Ft. Berthold Reservation that are available to them because of the treaty. For example: housing program, Indian Health Services, etc. Students will connect the programs to the treaty.
Featured SourcesFeatured SourcesFeatured Sources
Ft. Berthold Constitution Book:
Ft. Laramie Treaty Resource:

Broken Treaties with Catherine Howard
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Have students decide after learning about the Ft. Laramie Treaty if they believe
that the treaty has been fully upheld or broken at some point. Create a poster to
be presented to the class on what they decide after their research.
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionHave students share their learning with one another in class. Have at least one
elder invited by a student come to class to share about treaties and also for the
students to ask questions. Write a short paper (two paragraphs) about what they
have learned about treaties.
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationHave students present their papers to the whole class one at a time. Have students ask each other the following questions:
1. What connections do I have with First Nations people?
2. Have I experienced the effects of treaties in my life? Were they positive or negative? Describe.
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