Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
“Boarding Schools”
NDNAEU 5 “Tribal Policies, Treaties and Sovereignty”, NDNAEU 6 “Native Contributions”, NDNAEU 7 “Native Identity”
Compelling QuestionHow did the goals of Native American boarding schools create a “true” melting pot.
Standards and PracticesPractices
9-12.2.1 Analyze Federal policy and action regarding American Indians (e.g. Dawes Act, changes in federal and state Indian policies, civil rights movement; current issues surrounding gaming, housing, distribution of wealth, and health care, Indian Reorganization Act, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Civil Rights Act, Indian Child Welfare Act, American Indian Religious Freedom Act, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Citizenship, American Indian Movement)
Staging the QuestionWe are a nation of immigrants. The United States government used public education to
Americanize immigrant children and Native American students. Should the United States be considered a melting pot or a tossed salad?
Supporting Question 1 Supporting Question 2 
What are the negative consequences of Assimilation of Native American children in boarding schools? What is the purpose of boarding schools today in the United States?
Formative Performance TaskFormative Performance Task
Have students read various articles describing life was like in boarding schools in North Dakota. Have students write down the purpose of the schools and how students were treated in the “Americanization Process”Have student read and listen to various items describing life in boarding schools after the reforms allowing Tribal control of the schools.
Featured SourcesFeatured Sources
American Indians Describe School Beatings
By Matt Kelley
Collection of articles describing North Dakota Boarding Schools (need to make copies at ND Heritage Center)
American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many
Big and Little Sisters: A Story of an Indian Mission School
Map Current Boarding Schools
Indian Boarding Schools Then and Now
Timeline of Boarding Schools
Today’s Remaining Native Boarding Schools Are A Far Cry From Their History
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Have students discuss the original purpose of boarding schools and the impact to children that attended them. How and why did they change and what are their function today.
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionHow is the Federal Government influencing schools today? (examples nutrition guidelines, common core, fitness, School prayer etc.)
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationWhat ways can our school make itself more inviting and friendly to new students? Draft an idea and submit it to Student Council or Principal.
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