Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
Iktomi’ s   Animal   Warrior   Society  
NDNAEU 1 “Sacred Relatives”, NDNAEU 2 “Learning & Storytelling”, NDNAEU 7 “Native Identity”
Compelling QuestionWho was in Iktomi’s Animal Warrior Society?   Iktomi’s   Animal   Warrior   Society?  
Standards and PracticesRL2.4  Determine   a   theme   of   a   story   (e.g.   myths   and   various   literary   texts),  dramas,  or   poems   from  details   in   the   text. 
W.4.4  Produce   clear   and   coherent   writing   in   which   the   development   and   organization   are  appropriate   to   task,  purpose,  and   audience. 
SL1.4  Engage   effectively   in   a   range   of   collaborative   discussions  (one-on-one,  in   groups,  and  teacher-led)   with   diverse   partners  on   grade   4   topics   and   texts ,   building   on   others’   ideas   and  expressing   their   own   clearly.
a.   Come   to   discussions   prepared,  having   read   or   studied   required   material;   explicitly   draw   on   that  preparation   and   other   information   known   about   the   topic   to   explore   ideas   under   discussion. 
b.   Follow   agreed-upon   rules   for   discussions   and   carry   out   assigned   roles. 
c.   Pose   and   respond   to   specific   questions   to   clarify   or  follow   up   on   information,  and   make  comments   that  contribute   to   the   discussion   and   link   to   the   remarks   of   others.
d.   Review   the   key   ideas expressed   and   explain   their   own   ideas   and   understanding   in   light   of   the  discussion.  
Staging the QuestionStaging   the  Question How   do   stories   and   legends   help   us   to   understand   ourselves   and   the   world   around   us? 
Supporting Question 1 
Who   is   Iktomi   and   how   did   he   form   his   Animal   Warrior   Society? 
Formative Performance Task
Gather   students   on   the   floor  in   a  circle.  Talk   about   legends.  What   is   a   legend?  Is   there   one   we   know   already? How  do   legends  help   us   to   understand   the   world   around   us? 
Ask   if   anyone   has   ever   heard   of   Iktomi   or   other   tricksters.  Share  that   we   will   be   listening   to   a   Lakota   Elder   share   a  story   about   Iktomi .  Watch   the   video   below   of   Duane   Hollow   Horn   Bear   telling   the   story   of   Iktomi   and   the   Animal  Warrior   Society.
Discuss   the   story.  Who   were   the   characters?  Where   did   it   take   place?  What   were   some   of   the   important   events?  What   character   did   you   most   identify   with?  Why? 
Talk   about   how   stories   and   legends   can   help   us   understand   the   world   around   us   when   we   think   about   them   in  relationship   to   who   we   are   and   where   we   live.
Each   member   of   Iktomi’s   Animal   Warrior   Society   has   a   special   gift   or   ability.  What   is   something   you   are   really   good  at?  Talk   to   a   friend   nearby   about   the   things   you   are   both   good   at. Come   up   with   one   or   two   things   that   you   do   really  well. 
Write   a   short   paragraph   about   how   you   might   help   Iktomi   in   his   Warrior   Society   if   you   were   able   to   join   it   using   your  gift   or   talent   or   how   your   gift   or   talent   could   help   to   solve   a   problem   or   prevent   a   problem   from   happening.  Work  with   your   friend   to   edi t   and   offer   feedback   to   complete   your   paragraph.  
Featured Sources
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Invite   students   to   share   their   paragraphs   with   the   rest   of   the   class.  Offer   feedback  of   how   the   gifts  or   talents   would   help   Iktomi’s   Animal   Warrior   Society.  
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionAct   out   the   story   told   by   Duane.  Create   a   play   with   costumes   and   a   set   and   perform   it   for   families  or   other   classrooms.  
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationTalk   as   a   class   about   the   importance   of   sharing   your   gifts   and   talents   in   the   world.  Come   up   with   a  plan   for   how   each   person   will   work   to   share   their   gift   or   talent  to   help   another   person.  For  example:  If   someone   says   they   are   really   good   at   basketball,  they   could   use   that   talent   to   invite  another   person   on   the   playground   to   join   him   or   her   so   he   or   she   won’t   be   lonely.  
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