"Learn About" Questions

1. What is the Hanbleceya Ceremony?
2. What does Takoja mean?
3. Why do the Lakota people use cansasa in traditional ceremony rather than the leaf tobacco used in most cigarettes and cigars?
4. What is Canunpa? How did the use of this begin with the Lakota people?
5. What is the significance of the idea of opagi in interacting with Elders or others?
6. Who is Unci Maka?
7. When is it appropriate to offer tobacco?
8. Why was it illegal to practice ceremonies for a long time?
9. What does it mean to practice Wolakota and to “walk in a prayerful way”?
10. What are prayer flags and tobacco ties and when is it appropriate to use them instead of smoking the tobacco?

"Learn From" Questions

1. Have you ever gone to a private place or into a time of prayer to gain vision or understanding? What happened?
2. Have you ever sought help from someone older who has wisdom that you respect? How did you approach them?
3. What ways do you practice that help to show respect or to create trust among others?
4. What experiences do you have with tobacco? What ideas or memories do you associate with tobacco, positive or negative?
5. Did Mr. Taken Alive’s story change your view or understanding about the use of the “Peace Pipe”? What was your understanding before hearing him talk about it? Where did your prior understandings come from?
6. What might it mean for you in your life to “walk in a prayerful way”?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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