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  1. How do Native Nations relate to state governments?
  2. How do Native Nations relate to the federal government?
  3. What does “sovereignty” mean?
  4. What is going on currently between the MHA Tribes and the government related to ownership of the Missouri River bottom?  How is it impacting the people?
  5. Why is infrastructure development important as part of the mining of resources?
  6. How did the building of the Garrison Dam impact the MHA people?
  1. What has my involvement in politics been?
  2. Are there political issues in my life that I fight for?  Why or why not?
  3. Are there political issues currently that impact me personally?  What is my response to that impact?
  4. Does my family have a story of being affected by governmental decisions related to land ownership? 
  5. Have I ever been in a position to advocate for a change?  What was the experience like?
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