"Learn About"

  1. Native Americans taught gender roles in a teaching lodge. What other basic teachings would one expect to learn in a setting such as that?
  2. Gender roles still prevail in some cultures as a way to share responsibility and achieve balance in the society. In what situations are there specific roles for women? Do men have responsibilities that differ from those of women in today’s culture? If so, what might the gender role be?
  3. What is fracking and what are the benefits of fracking?
  4. Where has flacking been done in the U. S. and how much?
  5. Learning about the environmental issue from others showed that fracking can cause other problems such as water contamination. This domino effect holds other imminent dangers what may these be?

"Learn From"

  1. How is shared responsibility evidenced in your home?
  2. Are some tasks generally assigned to boys? Girls?
  3. Where and how are most cultural teachings taught in your world today?
  4. A political action group engaged in several activities to address the issue of fracking. What kinds of actions would you take if an issue such as fracking was taking place in your community?
  5. To what extent can cultural traditions and ceremony protect life-sustaining resources for our planet today?
  6. How will environmental actions such as fracking impact your future in a positive way? Negative way?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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