Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
Technology and Native American Culture through Language
NDNAEU 3 “Sharing & Generosity”, NDNAEU 6 “Native Contributions”, NDNAEU 7 “Native Identity”
Compelling QuestionHow can we use technology to aid in cultural awareness of Native Americans? 
Standards and PracticesCTE Technology Education Standards:
4. EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY- Predict cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology.
6. DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF TECHNOLOGY- Examine the role of society in the development and use of technology

Social Studies Standards:
G.6_12.2.1 Explain how movement of goods, information, and population are affected by technology
ND.6_12.4.6 Use various primary and secondary resources to acquire, analyze, and evaluate information.
Staging the QuestionClass discussion/journal: Imagine we have been taken over by aliens, forced to dress the way they do, speak their language, and conform to their societal rules. Eventually (3 generations later), rights are restored, but you have to learn your old language again. How are you going to do that? 
Supporting Question 1 Supporting Question 2 
How important is language to your culture? How do we use technology to nurture your cultural language? How would you express yourself without the aid of technology?
Formative Performance TaskFormative Performance Task
Discuss events around Indian Boarding Schools and the removal of Native culture from ND Tribes.

Read the section from the NDS website.
What would be the most frustrating part about immersion in a culture where you don’t understand the language?
Watch Jesse Taken Alive talk about native language
And Demus McDonald talk about his time in Boarding school.

How does the loss of language affect the culture? Would you say it is the biggest cultural factor?

Take a quick look at your daily technological use. How many texts, emails, SM posts, or internet searches have you done? How many of them were for entertainment, “important” communication, or to remain informed?

Now imagine you have to cut that in half due to connectivity issues. What do you cut out first?

Now cut that in half. What is left?

Make the connection to some reservations lands in the US. (ND is pretty good due to geography)
What are some of the factors to limited internet use on Reservations?

Featured SourcesFeatured Sources
Info regarding Indian Boarding Schools:

Reviving Languages

Bringing Languages back:

Life in Boarding school:

Internet access issues on reservations

Tribal Technology report (For Teachers information:

ND Internet connectivity

SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Write an argument for what part of culture you find to be the most important. How can technology be used to support/defend your claim? 
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionIdentify the issues regarding technology access on reservations. How can we help alleviate some of the resistance to aid schools on reservations? 
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationResearch possible solutions to address concerns in getting internet access to reservations. Which solution do you feel is most prudent based on cost, time, and effective use of technology? Present your findings to Tribal Councils via email, letter, or video conference. 
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