“Learn About” Questions

  1. How might educational leaders rethink how they support teachers working to implement the NDNAEU in their classrooms?
  2. If I had to make a list, what would be included on the things teachers are both accountable and responsible for in my school?
  3. How might lesson modeling help my teachers to be better prepared to integrate the NDNAEU into classrooms?
  4. What is the greatest barrier to implementing the NDNAEU into classrooms?

“Learn From” Questions

  1. What is my personal experience with working with the NDNAEU as a teacher?  How do I feel about it? 
  2. What do I find helpful about integrating the NDNAEU into my curriculum?
  3. What feels like a barrier to integrating the NDNAEU into my curriculum?
  4. Do I have prep time within my schedule to plan instruction that includes NDNAEU integration?  If not, is there a way it could be created?
  5. What would help me be most successful at fully integrating the NDNAEU into my curriculum and classroom?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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