"Learn About"

  1. How does humor help to tell the story of the life of an individual who has passed away?
  2. How does humor help with disciplining children?
  3. How does storytelling help with disciplining children?
  4. How might storytelling and the use of humor help children to develop in better ways than harsh discipline?
  5. Who was “Johnny Skunk”?
  6. How do “Johnny Skunk” stories help children?
  7. Who is Iktomi?
  8. How do Iktomi stories help children to learn?
  9. How do stories help to teach values?

"Learn From"

  1. What role does humor play in my life and family?
  2. How was I disciplined as a child?  What do I remember about my parents/grandparents when I needed to be corrected in some way?
  3. Was storytelling a part of my upbringing?  What do I remember about stories my parents/grandparents told me?
  4. How was I taught values as a child?
  5. Are there stories I remember being told over and over as a child?  Are there stories I tell over and over as an adult?  Why?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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