Inquiry Design Model (IDM) Blueprint™
Sacred Relatives
NDNAEU 1 “Sacred Relatives”
Compelling QuestionWhat is a person’s right and responsibility to the Earth?
Standards and Practices7.2.1 Identify major historical events and issues
7.2.2 Describe events and issues (e.g., natural resources, energy resources, wars/conflicts, religion) affecting the world today
7.4.1 Compare the rights and responsibilities of citizens
7.5.7 Explain changes (e.g., the value placed on land, water, wind energy, and fossil fuels) that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources
Staging the QuestionHow do we keep balance with Mother Nature and ourselves?
Supporting Question 1 Supporting Question 2 
How do different people view Mother Nature and how to care for it?How does a community protect nature for future generations?
Formative Performance TaskFormative Performance Task
Students will complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting their perspectives on their view of nature versus a Native’s perspective by watching a video excerpt on “The Story of God” and JT Shining Oneside.Students will watch the video from Prince EA and interpret his opinions on how to protect the earth for future generations.
Featured SourcesFeatured Sources
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: Supported Claim (written/spoken) or Demonstration of Process (project-based)Construct a Venn Diagram addressing the compelling question of a person’s right and responsibility to our earth.
SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE TASK: ExtensionInfer and draw how the earth will look by the time you become an adult, if nothing is done to improve the treatment of earth.  Afterwards, right how this picture makes you feel.
Taking Informed Action / Real World ApplicationStudents will understand a person’s responsibility to mother nature to protect future generations as well as balance with themselves. They can create an organization in their community to bring awareness of how to protect the earth better.
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