"Learn About"

  1. What are the differences and similarities in how Mary tells this story in both English and Hidatsa? How does her expression and way of telling it change in each version?
  2. Why is it not possible to translate this story into English in a way that will completely keep the same humor and meaning?
  3. What are some examples of words Mary shares that are not able to be translated effectively?
  4. Why might young people be encouraged to learn Hidatsa to know these stories?

"Learn From"

  1. Do I have a story I like to tell about learning a lesson when I was growing up? Does it mean more or is it funnier when told to family members who “knew me when” rather than friends?
  2. Are there other family stories that teach lessons or are very important to be passed on in my family? What makes them important?
  3. Are there stories I have been told that I wasn’t present for, but I remember like I was there because of how often it was told?
  4. Are there certain words my family uses that have much more meaning or description when certain people use them than others?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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