"Learn About" Questions

1. Why are 70 percent of Native children unable to graduate?
2. Where are they going?
3. In what ways can educators begin to address the needs of the 70 percent without affecting the success of the 30 percent?
4. Are the 70 percent Jesse speaks of part of the prophecy?
5. In what ways does the Common Core affect Native education?
6. Why are the restrictions in place for age and time that education needs to happen?
7. Why hasn’t the March 2, 1889 education act worked for Native students?
8. What are ways that Jesse sees the needs of the 70 percent can be addressed?
9. What is the Miriam Report from the 1930’s?
10. Why hasn’t it been successful?
11. Why is it a human rights violation to not address the 70 percent?
12. How would charter, immersion or Montessori schools help children on the reservations?

"Learn From" Questions

1. Have you ever found yourself in the 70 percent or failing something you were trying to learn? How did you deal with it?
2. What experiences do you have of trying to learn something that wasn’t being taught in the best way for you?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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