"Learn About" Questions

1. What’s the story of who made this prophecy? Is it documented in writing anywhere or is it passed on orally?
2. What are the different interpretations of “What has been taken from us will be returned”?
3. Is the “Lakota Dream” the same for all the people or does it vary from individual to individual?
4. Mr. Taken Alive said, “The Lakota Dream is most necessary for our spirits because our spirits drive our mind and our mind tells our bodies what to do…” What is the relationship between Dreams /Spirit/Mind/Body…and how does that relationship stay healthy?
5. Why is TODAY the specific right time for this prophecy to be fulfilled?

"Learn From" Questions

1. Are there any dreams or “prophecies” that influence or drive your activities? Do you see yourself as a part of a larger plan or unfolding scheme? Do you see yourself as an active participant or as a passive receiver of whatever is happening in your life? What’s the difference?
2. What do you know about what has been taken from the Oceti Sakowin people or other native peoples in other places? What do you think can or should be done about this?
3. Are there things that have been taken from you unfairly at some point in the past – even generations back? Does that loss impact you today? How do you deal with it?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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