“Learn About” Questions

  1. How and why were boarding schools established in the United States?
  2. Where were/are some of the boarding schools in the United States, and what was/is their reputation?
  3. What were Jim Crow Laws? 
  4. How are the impact of the Jim Crow Laws on African American people similar to the impact of boarding schools on Native American people?
  5. What did moral courage look like at these times in history?
  6. What makes something ethical?
  7. What makes something legal?
  8. Why does legal not always mean ethical?
  9. Why is it important for teachers today to understand this history?

“Learn From” Questions

  1. Have I ever experienced a point in my life where I needed moral courage to make it through?
  2. Are there stories in my family’s history where we endured the effects of prejudice?  What was it like?
  3. Are there things that people in my family are prejudiced against that I no longer agree with?  What impact does that have on my relationships with my family?
  4. Did my family ever experience an “unraveling of our identity?”  How did this experience impact us/me?
  5. Have I ever struggled with my own identity? Why?  How did or do I deal with it?
  6. Are there things about my own history that I wish others outside my family understood better?  What are they?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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