"Learn About" Questions

1. Why was language taken away in the 1800’s?
2. How was the language taken away?
3. What does it mean to become assimilated?
4. What act of Congress brought back the language in 1995?
5. What happened in the two generations between the late 1800’s and the late 1900’s that caused the loss of the Native cultural ways?
6. How would it help to have the culture and language brought back?

"Learn From" Questions

1. What is an example of something very personal that has been taken away from me? What happened as a result of losing it?
2. What are ways that I have had to assimilate in my life in order to survive?
3. How has assimilation changed me as a person?
4. What are examples in my own family of hardships we have endured? (For example, surviving the Great Depression)
5. What are some special traditions or activities that I want to make sure I pass on to my own children?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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