"Learn About" Questions

1. Are there any well-known Lakota comedians?
2. Are there any well-known Native American comedians?
3. What are the details within the Lakota language that allow for this sense of humor that are lost in translation?
4. In what ways do the various Tiospaye work together despite differences?
5. How many differing political perspectives are present among the Lakota people?
6. What are some examples of how traditional Lakota people practiced allowing others to be free or embracing a variety of perspectives and life choices?

"Learn From" Questions

1. What sort of humor is practiced in your family or among your friends? What are some examples?
2. Who are your favorite comedians? What makes them funny?
3. Have you ever been in a situation in which some meaning or significance was “lost in translation” between two languages?
4. What is your general response to differences among people? Do you tend to argue, to listen and learn, or to ignore?
5. What do you think are some good approaches to dealing with differences among people, whether they are political, religious, philosophical, experiential, etc.?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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