"Learn About" Questions

1. Where is Standing Rock Reservation?
2. Where is Running Antelope/Little Eagle community?
3. Why does Mr. Taken Alive refer to his community as Bear Soldier rather than McLaughlin? What is the story behind both names?
4. How is tribal government on Standing Rock structured? What does a Tribal Chairman do?
5. Where is Sitting Bull College?
6. What was a BIA school?
7. Is there a connection between education and the avoidance of drug and alcohol abuse?
8. What are the past US policies that didn’t allow for the speaking of native languages?
9. What is the cause of the increase in young people speaking their native languages?
10. What is the American Indian Freedom of Religion Act and how has it impacted native people?

"Learn From" Questions

1. What experiences have you had on or in connection with US Indian reservations?
2. What do you know about the name of the community or town you live in?
3. How involved are you in your local government?
4. What is your experience in education? What has been positive? Have there been any negatives? How have both impacted you?
5. Have you ever felt you were pot on the “outside” because of your language or your religious beliefs? How did you deal with that?
6. Do you think you have ever made someone else feel on the “outside” because of their language or religious beliefs? What was the situation? How might you deal with a similar situation now?
7. How do you feel about freedoms connected with language, culture or religion in the US? Do you think our current policies are fair and just? Would you make any changes?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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