“Learn About” Questions

  1. Where is the land base of the Apache People?
  2. Who were Lewis and Clark and what role did they play in the United States’ history?
  3. In what ways were Native American people involved in the work that Lewis and Clark did?  Who were some of the Native Americans who were involved at that time?
  4. How does perspective impact the learning of lessons, especially when related to our nation’s history?
  5. In what ways were the Native children who traveled with Lewis and Clark impacted when they returned home?
  6. What are some contributions of Native People who live near me?

“Learn From” Questions

  1. What do I know about my own family’s history? 
  2. Do I have any reason to believe that what I have been taught about my family’s history might not be true?
  3. Have I ever experienced a time where I felt my personal story would not be heard in a good way or that I felt I needed to hide it?  What was the experience like for me?
  4. Have I ever learned about something in school that didn’t match what I know to be true from my family? 
  5. Do I see examples of people who look like me or have a similar history to me in my day to day life in school or work?  How does it impact me and my identity?
  6. Have I been in a situation where I suddenly was made aware of a part of history that I didn’t know about or had inaccurate knowledge of?  How did I respond to that situation?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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