"Learn About"

  1. Where are Hidatsa speakers primarily found in North Dakota?
  2. Is it possible to translate Hidatsa directly into English without losing meaning or nuance?
  3. Why do Native Americans use their lips to point out direction? Is it similar to other methods of pointing found in other cultures?
  4. Why might words for directions (north, south, right left) not have been used in the Hidatsa language?

"Learn From"

  1. What creates humor in a story or a joke?
  2. How does humor change the way we experience a story?
  3. Have I ever learned a joke in a language other than the one I speak normally? How does the language change the way I experience the joke?
  4. Are there jokes told in my family whenever we gather? Why do family jokes tend to be retold when the family is together?
  5. What causes jokes told in my family to lose their humor when told outside of the family?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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