"Learn About"

  1. What were the tipi poles gathered for in this story?
  2. Why was it important that Demus prepared them?
  3. What role did the poles play in this story?
  4. How did his grandpa heal the man?
  5. Why did Demus have to cut up the poles after the man was healed?
  6. How did Demus’s grandma heal him and his sister?
  7. Why was Demus afraid?

"Learn From"

  1. Have I known someone who was deathly ill? What was my relationship to him/her and how did it impact me?
  2. Have I ever experienced seeing someone healed from a serious illness? How did it happen?
  3. Have I ever seen myself as playing a vital role in someone’s story?  What was it?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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