"Learn About" Questions

1. What was it like to not have electricity? Did this help the storytelling?
2. Why did you sleep with your grandmother?
3. Do you think people have more trouble visualizing stories in their minds today?
4. How much did the stories change over time?
5. What lessons did you learn from your grandmother’s stories?
6. What is good etiquette?
7. How important is getting together later with brothers and sisters and cousins to talk about the stories? How does this change or add to your understanding of the lessons?

"Learn From" Questions

1. Have I ever taken a break from electricity? From Technology? Why? What did I learn from this?
2. What stories have I heard late at night at a sleepover? Have I ever had a sleepover with a grandparent?
3. What were some of the etiquette lessons I was taught by my parents or grandparents or other adults?
4. Are there some times when I have gotten together with others to talk through a story we’ve all heard or experienced? What was most valuable about that experience? How does hearing the perspectives of others change my own understanding?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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