"Learn About"

  1. What does it mean to say that “Children are being educated to be Americans?” How does it impact communities on the reservations?
  2. How does education change fighting from weapons to words and paper? What is the impact?
  3. What treaties have impacted native communities on Fort Berthold?
  4. What are some examples of broken treaties and promises on Fort Berthold?
  5. How was electricity created in Elbow Woods?
  6. How did the timeline of the flooding of the Missouri River impact the people who lived there?
  7. What does Charles mean when he says, “It wasn’t a ‘white’ thing, it was a ‘governmental’ thing.”
  8. How has this governmental decision continued to impact the people in this area?
  9. In what ways did this series of events create a lack of trust among the people living on or near Fort Berthold?

"Learn From"

  1. What does it mean to me to be an “American?” How does it impact my identity?
  2. How does my family view education? What role does formal education play in my life?  Are there ways I am educated in non-formal ways?
  3. Have I ever experienced a broken promise from the government? (at any level…local, state, federal)  How did this broken promise impact me?
  4. Is there a culture or race that my family or I have been “at odds” with? What caused the division?  Does the division still exist?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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