"Learn About"

  1. What years were known as the “Fort Days?”
  2. Why were ceremonies abolished at this time? What threat did they pose?
  3. Why was the assimilation of Native people seen as so important at this time?
  4. What role did the “Indian Commissioner” play on each reservation? Where did their instructions come from?
  5. When was the Fort Berthold Reservation established?
  6. Why were the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribes combined together on this one reservation?
  7. What are other names for each tribe? What do they call themselves?
  8. Where did each tribe tend to live within the reservation?
  9. What is important to know about the community of Elbow Woods?
  10. What caused a group of the MHA tribes to settle between Ft. Buford and Ft. Union for a period of time after the reservation was established?
  11. Who are the Hoskas?
  12. Why did they have to return to the reservation in 1896?
  13. Why did this separation create two dialects in the Hidatsa language?
  14. Why did the people on the Fort Berthold Reservation have to go underground with their culture, language and ceremonies? How did that help them to survive?
  15. How has this experience of the MHA tribes impacted them over the years? How has it created historical grief for the people that exists even today, more than 120 years later?

"Learn From"

  1. What do I know about my own culture, language and family history?
  2. Were languages other than English spoken in my home? If so, how did multiple languages impact my own development of language?
  3. Are there stories of assimilation I have experienced or that my family members have experienced?
  4. Is there a land base that my family identifies as its beginning? How does this place continue to impact me?
  5. Did my family ever experience a forced relocation? What was the impact of the new place on my family?
  6. Have I ever experienced a time in my life where I felt the need to hide something about my identity? Why did I need to hide who I was?  What happened as a result?
  7. What stories of struggle have been passed on in my family? How have the struggles we have experienced impacted our identity as a family? As an individual?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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