"Learn About" Questions

1. What is a recognized tribe?
2. What is enrollment?
3. What is a Reservation?
4. What are the Reservations in North Dakota?
5. What are the tribes within the Reservations?
6. What is a full-blood or 4/4?
7. Who are the Sioux people?
8. Why did many people not want to be called Sioux?

"Learn From" Questions

1. In what ways am I “enrolled” in my life?
2. What is my experience with Reservations in North Dakota?
3. What are questions I have about Reservations and enrollment?
4. How will it help me as a fellow North Dakotan to understand tribes, Reservations and enrollment within the Reservations?
5. What are names I have been called from my heritage that I found hurtful? How do I deal with being called those names?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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