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  1. Why were the Native American people starving in Minnesota in the late 1800’s?
  2. Who said, “Let them eat grass,” in reference to the starving Native people of this time?
  3. Why did the Native men steal eggs out of a farmer’s chicken coop and throw them at the farmer’s house?
  4. How did the “Busting Eggs War” get its name?
  5. How did the governor at this time in Minnesota get people to kill Native Americans?  Why?
  6. How did many of the Dakota people from Minnesota end up in the Spirit Lake area?
  1. What was my family’s experience in the late 1800’s? 
  2. Have members of my family been directly impacted by war?  In what ways?
  3. How did I end up living in the place I am now?  Have people from my family lived here for a long time?
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