"Learn About"

Bad medicine – makes you sick, put it in their mouth, argue, when you open your mouth, the bad medicine comes in and makes you sick, keep your mouth closed, lesson

  1. What is meant by “bad medicine?”
  2. What causes bad medicine to come out?
  3. How did watching his grandma help Demus to learn a lesson about arguing?
  4. How does bad medicine make someone sick?

"Learn From"

  1. Have I ever been around someone who has the “bad medicine” that Demus spoke of in this video?
  2. Have I ever engaged with someone with bad medicine? Did it make me “sick?”
  3. When is a time I have been “sick” from arguing with someone?
  4. Do I tend to keep my mouth open or closed when I am with people engaging with me in negative ways?  How does that affect me?

NDNAEU Alignment:

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