Learn About

Learn From

  1. When is the time of year for stories to be told?
  2. When were stories shared in the past?  How were they shared?  Why are the stories important to identity and history?
  3. What role did/do dogs play in the Hidatsa culture?
  4. What role did/do horses play in the Hidatsa culture?
  5. How did horses and hunting abilities impact the identity of hunters in the past?
  1. When are stories told in my family?  Are there certain stories that are retold often?  Why?
  2. What do I know about what my family members in the past did for a living? 
  3. Have I followed the same path as other family members in the choices I have made in my life?  In what way?
  4. How do I feel about my own family’s lineage?
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